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Simplyfing the
startup visa

Ready to be your

in Europe or in the UK ?

own boss Startup Visa

what is a



Startup visas are for

those who think

out of the box

Did you know that you can develop a business idea or open a business branch in Europe and relocate with your family?


We call it "business citizenship"

The Startup Visa is your ticket to kickstart  your business dream in Europe or the United Kingdom

Maybe you don’t have an idea yet, but you can still re-locate to Europe !

However, the startup visa is not an easy ticket !

Startup visas have become

complicated because;

  1. It's very difficult to find correct information online

  2. Most immigration lawyers are unbelievably expensive!

so, why NAUT. Startup Visa?

Why are we different?

At 'NAUT.' we cover the entire process!

We only work with 10 startups per month.


So, hurry up and book your spot!

Check your eligibility and ask questions! 

Oh by the way, our first consultation is FREE

We know tricks, tips, and shortcuts, but also what can go wrong. Our team has been through it before, several times. So, we understand your struggle.

Talk to us today

to learn MORE!

We work around your budget and your time!

We brainstorm with you and find the best business idea for you to build your startup in Europe

Ready to start?


talk to us today!


First consultation is FREE

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